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Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep, is the process of accessing the liminal space between wakefulness and sleep. In this state, the body gets a chance to rest deeply while the consciousness gets a chance to expand beyond the physical form. Explore the depths! In the video below, I will walk you through each room of "the body house" and turn off the light there. This process can be as restful as napping for several hours. Not gonna lie, it gets pretty trippy sometimes! Letting the body be still and silent lets the mind go places in a creative realm that we usually don't touch when we are awake, functioning humans. Give it a try! It takes 20 minutes and l you need is a quiet place to lie down.


Welcome to the practice of yoga nidra. Start by making yourself comfortable, lying on your back, supported in a position where you can relax and remain still. Make any adjustments you need, perhaps supporting the head, bolstering the knees, covering the eyes. As the body stills, it tends to cool, so covering yourself with a blanket, jacket, socks, is a good idea. Allow yourself to truly feel into your bones, be honest with yourself. Ask yourself “Am I comfortable?” “Am I supported?” “Am I warm?” As you feel settled, we will begin our practice of yoga nidra.

During this practice, you have the opportunity to explore the outer edges of your consciousness. In this space of expanded awareness, tuned in and completely awake, your body…your physical form… will enter a state of deep rest. You will do this by acknowledging and relaxing, one by one, every sense, every body part, every fragment of your inhabited being. Imagine this process as mentally walking through the body house and turning the lights off one by one. When you turn off the lights in a house, you break the circuit, and the lights no longer request work of the generators. That means they consume a little less fuel, yet the energetic capacity for each light remains. So too, when we mentally map the body and allow each light to dim, dim, dim….extinguish….we set to rest the electric current of our neural pathways and set ourselves, for a time, anatomically free. We are not unplugging completely, just…turning off and tuning in. The mind will remain awake, conscious, present, directed. It is in this space that our consciousness can truly expand, rising past the bounds of our earthly state and into realms of higher knowing, pure being, true healing.

Say to yourself

“I am about to begin yoga nidra, I will not fall asleep, I will stay awake”

“I am beginning yoga nidra. I will not fall asleep, I will stay awake”

“I am beginning yoga nidra. I will not fall asleep, I will stay awake”

With this intention set, you can now, if you wish, create your sankalpa, or resolution. A sankalpa is a statement impressed on you by you, that represents a deep desire, a cornerstone of your highest truth. Your sankalpa can be in the form of an “I am statement”…

”I am at peace”, “I am fulfilling my purpose”

or in the form of an intention,

 “I will lead with peace”, “I will follow my path with dedication”.

If you can’t think of a sankapla in this moment, that’s okay too. It is okay to be how you are, right now, as is.

Now. You have arrived.

Feel the surface underneath you. Feel your entire body pressing down on what ever surface you are laying on, and surface pressing up into you. The space behind you…beneath you. You are connected to the behind you space, connected to the beneath you space. Feel the space in front of you, above you…. the air surrounding the front of you…above you. You are connected to the in front of you space, connected to the above you space. Become aware of the space to you right. The whole of the right space. Become aware of the space to you left. The whole of the left space. Feel the space surrounding your entire body. Behind space, in front of space, right space, left space. The entire space surrounding you. Feel your entire body suspended in, yet supported by, this space. Feel the fabrics on your skin, the hairs in your skin, rustled by the fabrics. Feel the air on your skin, the temperature of the air on your skin. Pressing against you, surrounding you.

What can you hear? Can you hear far away sounds? Sounds from place you couldn’t even see if you tried? Pulsing rhythms, oscillating waves. Far away sounds traveling through space to your ears. Hearing far away sounds. Can you hear nearby sounds? House sounds, room sounds. Sounds surrounding you. Pulsing rhythms, oscillating waves. Nearby sounds traveling through space to your ears. Experience your hearing. Experience your ears hearing. The ear doors to your body house.

What can you see? Your eyes are shut, yet you still can see. Are there colors? Patterns? Images? Experience seeing. Experience your eyes seeing. Closed eyelids. heavy, closed eyelids. heavy, drawn down. The eye doors do your body house, closed. The space around the eyes relaxed, the lines next to your eyes soften. The space between the eyes, the empty space between the eyes…the empty space between the eyes, heavy, softened, relaxed. The whole area around the eyes, soft, heavy, relaxed. Your eye socket. Soft, heavy, relaxed. Your eyeballs, heavy eyeballs, sinking to the back of your eyeball sockets. Floating, sunken eyeballs, seeing the back of eyelids, drawn down surrounded by soft, relaxed facial space.

The facial space of your nose. Your nose space, dripping down the sides of your space. Your nose, floating cartilage. Soft, relaxed. Experience smelling. Your nose smelling. The air surrounding you, being sucked in gently through two holes in your facial space. The nostrils. The nose doors to your body house. Breathing in the air, two filters in your face, taking in the air. Breathing gently, softly. Letting air in, letting air out. Letting air in, letting air out. Experience the nose smelling, breathing. The face space of your nose.

A soft upper lip. Soft upper and lower lips. Relaxed lips. Lips that make words, create sounds, smiles and frowns, are now still and silent. Your soft lips, surrounding teeth, bones rooted into your face space. Feel your teeth in your gums. Tiny teeth bones in your gums, gently parted. At ease. Surrounding your tongue. The tongue, a slippery muscle, sinking to the back of your throat, separated just slightly from the roof of the mouth. The communicator of the tongue, put to rest, heavy, still, silent. Experience taste. Experience your mouth tasting. Wet. Tasting with your tongue. Tasting tongue in your mouth.

Experience your entire face. Feel your face. Silent, still. Turn the lights in your face room off. Allow the face space to be at rest. And become aware of the brain. Your brain. Your mass of electrically charged goo, filling the skull. Your command center, floating. Generating thoughts, reacting to stimuli, controlling patterns. Experience your brain, your whole brain. Present, active, engaged, yet heavy and mellowed. Let your consciousness fill your brain space. From this brain space, we will begin our walk through the body house, turning off the lights in each room as we go.

We will start on the right side, with the right hand. Turning off the lights as we go…

Right thumb

Right pointer finger

Right middle finger

Right ring finger

Right pinky finger

Right palm

The back of the right hand

Right wrist

Right forearm

Right elbow

Right upper arm

Front of right shoulder

Back of right shoulder

The whole right shoulder

Right chest

Right ribcage

Right waist

Right hip

Right buttock

The back of the right thigh

The front of the right thigh

The whole right thigh

Right knee

Right shin

Right calf

Right ankle

Right heel

Bottom of right foot

Top of right foot

Right big toe

Right second toe

Right third toe

Right fourth toe

Right pinky toe

Entire right foot

All 26 bones of your right foot

Feel The entire right side of your body

The entire right side of your body

Left thumb

Left pointer finger

Left middle finger

Left ring finger

Left pinky finger

Left palm

The back of the Left hand

Left wrist

Left forearm

Left elbow

Left upper arm

Front of Left shoulder

Back of Left shoulder

The whole Left shoulder

Left chest

Left ribcage

Left waist

Left hip

Left buttock

The back of the Left thigh

The front of the Left thigh

The whole Left thigh

Left knee

Left shin

Left calf

Left ankle

Left heel

Bottom of left foot

Top of left foot

Left big toe

Left second toe

Left third toe

Left fourth toe

Left pinky toe

Entire Left foot

All 26 bones of your left foot

Feel The entire Left side of your body

The entire Left side of your body

Feel Your back

The low back

Mid back

Upper back

The back of your neck

Feel your whole back

Feel your spine in your back, your entire spine. A dangling string of pearls

The spine that keeps you upright, that bends and twists and turns

The spine that houses nerve roots, the pulsing cerebrospinal fluid

The protective, supportive spine

Feel you 33 vertebra, articulating meticulously

Your entire back

Your entire back body

Your entire back body

Feel heaviness, as you experience your entire back body

All the house lights switched to off

Feel heaviness through the back of the body

Your entire body, heavy

Now feel the entire front side of your body

Feel the whole front side of your body

Feel a lightness in your body

As if your consciousness could float right away from that front side of your body

Your body is so light, floating, floating, that your awareness loses track and floats right away from that

Soft, suspended, light, light body.

You are awake, you are doing yoga nidra

All the lights in your body house are off

The body house, quiet

Your awareness is here. You are present.

Through the dark rooms of the body house

Locate the center of your heart

Your hearts center

Feel your heart beating, pulsing, rhythmically

The energy of your heart, sending blood to every room in your body house

Feel the rhythmic, pulsing, beating heart

And imagine that this is the only room of the body house with a light on

The heart room in your body house

With this light turned on, it illuminates every other room in the body house without even trying

The bright, white light radiating from your heart space

Makes your body house your home

Send every bit of love and appreciation to the illuminated room of the heart space

Sending light and love, by way of the heart, to every room of your body home

Be in your body home

Feel at home here

Heavy skeleton, electric muscle goo


The body home

Illuminated by the radiant light of the heart space

Let the radiant light of the heart space touch every last fragment of your body home

Every cell in your body

Every single cell

Getting touched by the radiant love of the heart space

Be in your body home

Stay here, silent and still

For as long as you need to

When you’re ready to return to the inhabited body house

Do so slowly

With appreciation and love

And remembering that home is always accessible to you

By way of illuminating that radiant



Heart space

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