Rooted in What's Real: Questions to Ask Yourself

It can be so easy to slip into our fear brains, to create worst case scenarios and stress ourselves out over hypothetical outcomes. But oh, the power, when we take a step back and examine our fears with honesty. When we do this, we are often able to get to the root of our hyperboles and take a hold of our thoughts and actions. Rather than catapulting your consciousness onto this slippery slope, take a step back from the fear self and ask yourself these questions:

1) What is the thought, or thoughts, that are catapulting my brain into this fear state?

2) How do these thoughts impact my physically?

ex) lump in the throat, weight in the chest, stomach sinks, hands sweat

3) Are the thoughts causing this state of fear true RIGHT NOW, IN THIS MOMENT?

-Not in some hypothetical future, no "ifs", no "whens". Is it true at the very moment you are asking yourself this question

4) Restate your fear thought as an affirmation, grounded in the truth of this present moment

5) What is one thing I can do today do disempower the lie of the fear and empower the truth of the present?

6) Where in my life can I remind myself of the power of this present truth?

Some fears are absolutely legitimate. Some are in our heads. Some are a little bit of both. These questions can help navigate the psyche into statements grounded in and affirmed by the truth.

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