Layers of Perception

This guided mediation moves your awareness through different ways of feeling, imagining and perceiving. Run time is 18 min. Can be done seated or lying down.


Start by finding a comfortable position, seated or lying down A position where you can be still and fidget-free Use these next few moments to make the adjustments you need To get comfortable, balanced and relaxed Close your eyes And resolve to be as motionless as possible This guided mediation will lead you through layers of perception By directing awareness through different ways of feeling and imagining At any given moment, there are innumerable things happening at once Multiple truths existing simultaneously As we move through the world, We use the senses of the body And the lens of our consciousness To interpret the what’s happening around us Yet in our waking, sentient life We can only interpret so much input at once So while we are seeing, smelling, touching, hearing, tasting, thinking, understanding, deciding There is a cacophony of unrealized sensation Lying just below the surface of our initial perception Quieting down the body and the mind creates space for the senses to meander And the mind to expand When we sink into this state of being, things open up a bit We open the door to new pathways of conceptualization And perhaps begin to feel that all the separate truths happening at once Are actually just one big truth And that we are a part of it To unlock the door to these layers of perception We will begin at the breath To start, Notice your breath Don’t try and change anything Just notice The quality of your breath Is it shallow or deep? Labored or easy? Notice Notice the speed of the breath Is it fast or slow? Consistent and smooth? Or fast and choppy? Now… Take the momentum out of your breath Smooth transition at the top of each inhale And bottom of each exhale Easy in, easy out Slow it down Deepen the breath by feeling the belly rise and expand with the inhale And fall and deflate with the exhale No strain, no tension Just smooth, full and easy breaths Feel the air itself escaping your nostrils And merging with the air surrounding you And, in the same way, feel the air as it comes in Pulled from apparent emptiness around you What we perceive with our eyes as empty space Is actually full and voluminous And sustains our very life The breath The supporting pillar of our existence Breath is our first layer of perception What are we communicating to the body with the breath? Smooth, full and easy breath Communicates softness, relief, simplicity What do we perceive with the breath? The quality and speed of the breath While often subconscious and autonomic Provides the body and mind with information By tuning into these deeper, slower breaths We are telling the body we are calm, we are relaxed The body listens and becomes calm, relaxed We open the door to new pathways of perception As the breath relaxes and soothes the body Drop your awareness into your body Your head Neck Shoulders Arms Hands Chest Belly Hips Legs Feet Experience your body as heat Liquids Bones Muscles Nerves Feel that your body is a multitude of things happening at once Pieces working together Continuing with a smooth, full and easy breath We turn our awareness to the next layer of perception Our direct lines of sensation The senses We’ll start with seeing Connection to the world through eyes Keep them closed Develop a felt sense of the eyeballs Visualize your eyeballs seeing Now, What do you see? Colors Shapes Patterns Scenes Places People Nothing Perception through seeing Next, hearing Connection to the world through ears Develop a felt sense of the ears Outside ears Inside ears Hearing through tubes, tunnels, canals Visualize your ears hearing Catching waves of sound Absorbing audible energy What do you hear? How do you hear it? Can you sense distance through hearing? How do your ears interpret time and space? Next, feeling Feeling through the skin, through muscles, bones, organs Develop a felt sense of your bodily feeling Your nervous system From the deepest places in you To the surface of your skin Visualize your nerves Your perception of feeling The weight and temperature of your body The rhythms of your body Visualize the connections made between parts of yourself How does your brain communicate With your arms Your legs Your shoulders Your hips Your belly Your heart Perception through feeling Our next layer of perception Is emotion What mood were you in before you began this meditation? What mood are you in now? Check in with your feelings Notice them Don’t try and change them Just notice Notice how that feeling manifests in your body Where those feelings are living in your body How they effect how you hold yourself Our next layer of perception Involves the space around you Your field Just beyond your skin Where the eyes see the body stop and space begin Lies an enormous amount of unseen electromagnetic energy Visualize the space around you Direct your awareness to the space that you take up Develop a felt sense of your immediate area What would it feel like to not stop at your skin? To expand your being beyond the flesh And merge with the environment around you? So it is not so much the space that is around you But the space that is you Visualize a stronger, more potent surrounding space How might the expansion of self look? Feel? Sound? In your minds eye, strengthen your field Connecting deeply to the space surrounding you That is you Our next layer of perception Expands awareness beyond your immediate surroundings From where you are now Zoom out See your birds-eye dot on map Visualize your place on this earth The landmarks you’re next to What type of earth are you on? Where is the nearest natural source of water? What are you near? Visualize your body In your geographic location On earth Visualize yourself Still, unmoving, balanced, steady, full Visualize yourself Exactly where you are now Place your dot on the map And keep zooming out Visualize your continental land mass Place your dot on the map And keep zooming out Visualize the whole earth Its shape Its colors Its motion Visualize your dot on the whole earth Moving through forces beyond your control Place your dot on the earth And keep zooming out Somewhere out in space Edgeless Forever What does space look like for you? Through the pathways of perception available to you How do you visualize what is beyond earth What does it look like What does it sound like What does it feel like How does infinity affect you Develop a felt sense of endlessness Develop a felt sense of your dot on the map immersed in eternity What pieces of your perception still matter in the face of what never ends? What does your mind and body hold onto As your awareness slips further into something far bigger than you? Rest silently for a few moments Letting the layers of your perception play with the idea of never ending ….……….. Begin to funnel your awareness back through your perception Returning to the feeling of feeling The sensation of the space surrounding your body The sensation of your body The sensation of hearing The sensation of seeing Return to the breath Smooth, full and easy Return to the breath As your consciousness fills your physical vessel Return slowly Not forgetting where you’ve been Perception beyond our day-to-day input analysis Is always available to you The present moment contains within it Eternity backwards and forwards All that is is all that ever was or will be And you are not separate from it You are very much apart of it We’ll end this guided meditation By sending some gratitude To your body And to the consciousness residing in your body Take a moment To let the feeling of thankfulness resonate From your brain Permeating throughout your whole body Then expanding to the whole space that you take up Send love and gratitude to every part of yourself and all it took to get to this moment Stay here as long as you need Resting in peaceful stillness

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