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Give Thanks and Let it Go

This guided meditation will lead you through the 7 seven chakras by locating it in the body, considering what each represents as a way to cultivate gratitude, give thanks and let it go.

Run time: 10 min

Transcript below

Take a comfortable position Adjust yourself evenly Take a deep breath And then another In this guided meditation, your consciousness will be guided through your 7 energy centers, or chakras. For each chakra, we will locate where it exists in the body, use what it represents to cultivate gratitude in corresponding areas of life, give thanks, and let it go. Make any last adjustments you need to be comfortable for the remainder of this time We’ll start at the hips Bring your awareness to your whole hips The pelvis, the carrier Where our first chakra lies The root chakra The base of ourselves And is Concerned, foundationally, with Safety, security, nourishment Grounding and stability Cultivating gratitude through the root chakra: Is there a place, a person, an idea or an activity that makes you feel really safe? Recall that feeling. The feeling of safety. Give thanks And let it go What are the ways in which you feel nourished? Physically, emotionally, spiritually… What do you walk away from feeling like you’re a better person for having done? Recall that feeling. The feeling of nourishment. Give thanks And let it go Finally, since we are at the root chakra We would be remiss to not offer a moment of gratitude To the places from which we came Consider your roots, your ancestors The land you’ve been living on All of the seed that have been planted that in some form or another Led up to your growth Give thanks And let it go Next, bring your awareness to your lower abdomen Feel the skin of your belly Sink the awareness down through the muscles, Down through the organs Down to the sacrum, the base of the spine Our second chakra, the sacral chakra, inhabits this whole space Here we move beyond basic needs and into the realm of abundance and pleasure The sacral chakra is associated with the acceptance of self and others With well being Cultivating gratitude through the sacral chakra: What in life makes you just feel damn good? Something that you’re just like mmmmmm, yesss this is amazing! What gives you pleasure, makes you happy? Recal the feeling of pleasure. Give thanks and let it go What part of your body do you love? Maybe you like how it feels, what it does, how it looks… What do you love about yourself? Give thanks And let it go Next, Bring your awareness to the solar plexus The area just below the base of the ribcage The space your diaphram inhabits when you inhale fully So deep breath in! Deep breath out The solar plexus chakra Solar plexus is about personal power Your ability to channel your energy The ideas you hold about yourself Your confidence Cultivating gratitude through the solar plexus chakra: What are you proud of yourself for? What do you look back on and are like “I’m so glad I did that thing. It was tough, but damn, I did that thing” What have you done well? Recall the feeling of being proud of what you’ve done Give thanks Because you fuckin’ did that thing! Hell yeah. And let it go Next is the heart Feel your heart beating That rhythm is pumping through your whole body Feel your heart’s rhythm beating through your whole body Heart chakra, obviously, love, compassion, relationships, joy Cultivating gratitude through the heart chakra: First person that comes to mind… Who do you connect with deeply? Who fills you with joy, lights your fire, is always there? Who do you love? Like love love deep well bullet for your love? Give so much thanks And let it go Now take a moment to just generally give thanks for love You couldn’t have made it so far without it Next is the throat Ohhhhh the throat It projects what we say and take what we swallow The throat chakra is about communication and expression It is through communication that we connect with others Creativity is communication finding new ways The throat chakra is where we start to get a bit more heady… Cultivating gratitude through the throat chakra: How do you feel most comfortable expressing yourself? Are you an artist? Do you love a good conversation? Does dancing with your partner feel like 10 conversations without speaking a word? What are the ways you feel most comfortable expressing your true self? Recall the feeling of expressing yourself comfortably Give thanks And let it go Next up: the third eye The space between the eyes Third eye reads between the lines, sees the big picture This chakra is associated with both intuition and a sense of purpose I’ll give you a little longer to think on these from now on… Cultivating gratitude through the third eye: When has your inner voice guided you? Had a feeling you knew you had to follow? Recall that inner voice Give thanks And let it go Finally, the crown chakra This lies just above the top of your head Your tippy top This energy center is your connection to the divine Consciousness, bliss, god If there’s any sort of divine presence you connect with A source, a god, a spirit Give thanks And let it go End with a long, slow deep breath Give thanks And let it go

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