Energy and Organs: A Deeper Dive, part 2

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

In my previous post, "Organs and Energy: An Overview", I discussed what the 12 Chinese Meridians are, how they are paired according to yin/yang, and have corresponding organs, color, element and emotion. This is part 2/2, discussing the last 3 pairs of meridians. Let's take a deeper dive, shall we?



The liver is f**king rad! 🤙The gallbladder is cool too, but we can literally live without it. They are 2 meridians paired through the element wood-change, replenishment, new beginnings. 🌳 These meridians are most active from late night to early morning, 11 pm to 3 am. It is during this time the liver is working hardest to detoxify and cleanse the body and gall bladder to process cholesterol and cleanse tissues.


The liver (yin, downward flowing energy) is a huge, squishy, quadruple lobed blob that sits just below the right rib cage. Weighing an average of 3.3 lbs, this whopper of an organ is estimated to have roughly 500 functions, most namely detoxification of the blood💉 through various different processes. Bile(aids in lipid digestion) is produced and stored here. 👽It synthesizes and stores glycogen (carbohydrate cache) and also performs gluconeogenesis, the synthesis of glucose from amino acids and other non carb substances. Speaking of amino acids, the liver makes those too, which help synthesize proteins. It's also responsible for production of red blood cells, coagulation factor, angiotensinogen (a blood pressure related hormone), and formation of about half of the lymph in the body. 🏭It is a reservoir for blood, immunological cells, vitamin A, D, K and B12. And this description barely even scratches the surface. The liver is associated with anger, 🤬storing feelings of frustration, irritability and resentment. Proper flow of the meridian itself is associated with the eyes/vision as well as the finger/toenails.👀 This meridian governs growth and development which runs parallel to the fact that the liver itself can regenerate if part of it is damaged or removed. 🐛


The gall bladder (yang, upward flowing energy) has one main job: to store and release concentrated bile.🍐 After production in the liver, bile is concentrated 3-10x and transported to the gall bladder, which rests directly behind the liver. When signaled, it squirts💦 bile into the duodenum (first 1/3 of the small intestine). The gallbladder meridian is long and complex and interestingly runs all over the head, bringing it into governance of decision making and judgement.🧠 Tension headaches are often related with this meridian.. to have "gall" means to be daring. Be bold, bile bladders!



It's no surprise that the kidney (yin, downward flowing energy) and bladder (yang, upward flowing energy) meridians are paired with the element water-fluid, cleansing, essential. 💧 These meridians are most active from 3-7 pm, when they do their best at processing and excreting the metabolic waste from the day.


The kidneys are 2 bean shaped organs 🥔in the mid back that remove waste from blood through roughly 1 million tiny filters called nephrons, and send it to the bladder through the ureter for excretion. By removing waste and recirculating clean blood, the kidneys are in charge of the body's fluid, salt🧂 and pH balance, as well as a major role in blood pressure regulation. Connected to the diaphragm, they move with the breath 🌬and are a resovoir of essential energy. They also secrete erythropoetin, among other hormones, that stimulate RBC production in our bone marrow. 🦴Researching the kidneys I found several nicknames for our little friends, including "minister of power", 💪"root of life"🌳 and "the seat of courage and willpower"🧘‍♀️. Kidney meridian imbalance is associated with fear, paranoia and insecurity. 😧The adrenal glands sit atop each kidney, bringing them into association with sexual energy, metabolism and immunity. This meridian's external aperture is the entrance to the ear,👂 so tinnitus often accompanies kidney or kidney meridian problems. 🛎


The bladder, or "guardian of peace" ✌ collects waste from the kidneys and stores it before excretion. It can grow to 3 times the size when full and its inner lining tucks into little folds after its emptied and shrunken.🌂 The bladder meridian is the longest and most complex meridian. The organ itself is associated with control, 🎮while the meridian is associated with hope and peace when balanced, inflexibility and resisting change when out of balance. 🏚



The lung (yin, downward flow) and large intestine (yang, upward flow) meridian are paired through relation to the element metal,🤘 with both generative powers and the ability to let things go. They are most active in the early morning, from 3 am to 7 am, so it is said times of meditation and deep breathing are most effective in the morning, inhaling the new and exhaling the old.


We all know what the lungs do, namely respiration and gas exchange. 🌬They are the link between our mind and body.🧠 The breath can either soothe or stimulate our nervous system and with conscious control we can tap into higher states of being. 🧘‍♀️Additionally, the "pumping" of the diaphragm is one of the only mechanisms of venous return, bringing blood ("the mother of qi") back to the heart, making the lungs an important circulatory organ. The lungs are responsible for self-protection🥋 and the meridian is associated with righteousness and integrity. They also hold grief and despair, bringing lung problems and meridian imbalance into association with sorrow. 😔The meridians external aperture is the nose and also has a close relationship with the skin (cutaneous respiration is an actual thing that happens!)🧩


The large intestine, or "minister of transportation"🚇, transforms liquid waste to solid by recirculating pure fluids from our ingested and digested bits and holding on to the impure stuff to get sent...out. 👋This organ houses over 700 species of bacteria🦠, is responsible for balancing the purity of our body fluids and is the final stop for nutrient absorption before excretion.💩 The hepatic and splenic flexures of the colon connect fascially to the diaphragm. Sluggish bowels can be stimulated by deep breathing,💨 in the same way congested lungs can be cleared by clearing the bowels.♨️ Interesting! Like the lungs, this organ and its meridian are associated grief and an energetic imbalance displays as emotional introversion and low self esteem.😕

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