Electric You

We are electric beings in an electric world. Just like the swirling inner core of the planet creates an electromagnetic field expanding around it, our bodies create electricity that generates a field around us. Every cell that makes us responds to electric charge and every thought, behavior and creation begins with an electric impulse. In the guided meditation below, I'll walk with you through an examination of these forces. You don't have to have a full grasp on how electricity works for this to make sense. Just a comfortable place to chill and a bit of imagination.

*Disclaimer: I say 800 mi instead of 1800 mi referencing the distance to earth's core.

Just know that it's pretty damn deep down there.


Start by making yourself comfortable. Seated, lying down, whatever. Just find a position that’s relatively symmetrical that you can be in, still, for a little bit off time.

Take a few moments to get your wiggles out

Unclench the hands and the feet

Long legs, long arms, long spine

Neutral hips, level shoulders

Your head: centered

Soft face, eyes closed

Now that your body is settled, bring some awareness to your surroundings

The bigness or smallness of the space

The noise or the silence in the air

The lightness or darkness penetrating your eyelids

The warmth or coolness of your external environment

Acknowledge what’s encompassing you

Acknowledge you’re here, now

The guiding theme for this next length of time

Is electricity, the energy created by the movement of little charged particles jumping from one atom to the next

Without getting too technical, I’ll lead you through a series of examinations of the forces around us

The forces within us

And the forces we create

You don’t have to have a full grasp on how electricity works for this to make sense

But my hope is that through exploring this idea

With a relaxed body and a directed mind

You’ll be able to feel how much movement there truly is

Even in apparent stillness

And how we are a part of everything, and everything is a part of us

As the body stills and senses fade

We access a state

Somewhere between sleep and waking

Where consciousness if free to explore domains that tend to be ignored or untouched

When we’re awake and active

Give yourself permission to use your imagination here

Within that mass of electric goo we call the brain

Lies a minds eye that is creative and curious and clever

So have a little fun with it

We’re going to start at the center of the earth

Bring your awareness down

Through the brittle, rocky crust

Through the mantle of solid rock

That melts into a viscous fluid

As it approaches

The molten inner core

Imagine the colors of fire, reds, oranges, yellows

The roaring of flame

The smell of burning

The sensation of heat


The very center of the earth

Roughly 1800 miles below where you are now

A giant mass of churning, liquefied metal

Dense, untouchable, almost unfathomable

It’s this constantly roiling core

That not only plays a role in shaping the surface of the earth

But also creates a force field around the entire planet

That giant, churning, iron core

Is made, just like everything else,

Of tiny little atoms

And as that molten vortex swirls

The movement of little charged particles within

Jump from place to place in the heat of it all

And create energy

Create electricity

But the core of the earth is so massive,

So powerful,

That the energy created by the movement of all those tiny little particles

Emanate from the earth and interacts

With other charged particles in solar wind

Which creates a huge field of energy

That surrounds this whole entire planet

It’s called the electromagnetic field

So transition your awareness, now,


Out into space

Through the sky

Through the atmosphere

And into the soundless darkness of space

Faraway galaxies


Imagine looking back at earth from that space

Oceans and jungles and forests and tundras creating swirls of blues and greens and white

Absolute silence


If you were a particle in space, you would be able to feel a magnetic pull from the planet

Generated by electricity from the churning inner core


Two forces, electric and magnetic, that produce each other

And work to sustain one another

From your spacial awareness,

Start to draw that awareness back down

To the relationship between these two faraway places

The core of the earth and the field surrounding it

Connection between the lowest low and highest high

And feeling that you, in your body, are somewhere in the midst

Despite being surrounded by electromagnetic energy

The earth itself has the ability to absorb or dissipate an unlimited amount of electric charge

Through what’s called “grounding”

Bring your awareness all the way back down to the ground

When an point in an electric current is connected to ground

That point tends to stay at a constant voltage

Regardless of what else happens in the system

With your consciousness and minds eye back in your body

Notice every point on your body that is connected to the surface underneath you

Feel what’s supporting you

What information is your physical support system giving you?

How is your body reacting to that information?

Is it easy to sink in deep? Or are you pushing back?

No need to change anything, just notice

Notice the state of your body

Your whole body

Bring your awareness to the command center of the whole body

Floating in your head

Your brain

Feel the physical sensation of your brain filling your skull

From ear to ear

Crown to mouth

Back of head to the empty space between the eyes

Your brain

The brain, just like the churning center of the earth

Generates electricity

Through the movement of particles orbiting tiny little atoms

It’s these electric currents within the brain that

Help us interpret our situation and surroundings

Create our thoughts

Produce muscular movement

Drive behavior

And keep us alive by providing the information to carry out every basic process life requires

The brain takes in information


The eyes seeing

The ears hearing

The nose smelling

The mouth tasting

And the skin feeling

Similar to telephone wires running along the side of a city street

Our body is mapped with circuitry that allows that

Electrical current to extend to its farthest reaches

That circuitry travels from the brain

Through nerves at the center of the spine

And branch into specificity

Let’s map the body now

Using the electrical current generated in the brain

To touch each part of the physical vessel

Notice right foot

Left foot

Right ankle

Left ankle

Right shin

Left shin

Right calf

Left calf

Right knee

Left knee

Right thigh

Left thigh

Right buttock

Left buttock

Right hip

Left hip


The whole bottom half of your body


The abdomen

The ribcage

The chest

The heart beating in the chest

The spine

The nerves at the center of the spine

The neck

The head


The right shoulder

The left shoulder

Right upper arm

Left upper arm

Right elbow

Left elbow

Right forearm

Left forearm

Right wrist

Left wrist

Right hand

Left hand

The whole upper body

The whole lower body

The whole body

Feel electricity running through your entire body

Electricity generated by impulses in the brain

Electricity generated by the pace maker of the heart signaling each life-giving beat

Electricity generated by flowing red blood cells shedding electrons as they pass through capillaries

Electricity generated by the imagination in your mind’s eye

Electricity generated by your passions stoking the internal flame

Feel the electricity within you

You are an electric being

A sack of fluids, tissues

Mapped with electric circuitry

Connected to the ground

Just like the earth,

The electricity within your churning core

Creates a force around you

An electromagnetic force field around you

For every piece of you that is tiny and complex

There is an equal piece of you expansive and unbound

Feel that as you breath in, what is around you becomes a part of you

And as the breath escapes, you become a part of what’s around

In this still, calm state

Experience the sensation of potential

Potential energy, electric

Potential for movement, for creating and expanding

Potential for sustaining and supporting

The Potential to feel connected to everything, all at once

As you shift your awareness back to your environment

What’s surrounding you

Re-experience your placement

Somewhere between the core of the earth and the solar winds

The substance churning at the center of the earth

Is the same substance that swirls through solar winds

Is the same substance that makes the heart beat

You contain a limitless potential

Both expansive and grounded

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